The Takoma Academy choral from Maryland, United States having fun with the Diepsloot choirs before their participation in the World choir games. Picture: Facebook

Maleka Charles

They were here, in rhythm and blue, fresh and eager for some knowledge exchange, if you ask me what language do they speak. Music!

The Takoma Academy choral from Maryland, United States, decided to take a short left to Diepsloot, Sunday morning, to spend some collaborative time with various choirs from around the community of Diepsloot at a One voice event held at the Father Louis Blondel center, Johannesburg. All thanks to the Wotif trust.

Gail Styger, Trustee and Founder of the Wot-if trust, said the Takomas came to Diepsloot to spend some time with other choirs from around the community to share culture and understand their world and song.

“This is a choir from America; they came out here to perform with hundred and forty other choirs from all over the world.”

"They contacted me and said they would like to spend a day in Diepsloot, with Diepsloot choir people to basically share their culture and understand each other’s world and songs.”

The arrival of the Takoma Academy in Diepsloot, could possibly create a big opportunity for the choirs in that community to go and perform in the United States in future, that is if only more connections are made and people know about Diepsloot. Styger said.

“who knows, we can one day send ten Diepsloot choir members over to America.”

“The more connections we make, the more people know about us, the more there are opportunities.”

The event saw the Diepsloot choirs share choruses with the Takoma academy during tea break, and for a moment it felt like the angels had landed at Father Louis centre.

Petrus from an acapella group called the Potentics based in Diepsloot, was happy to spend some time with these melodic angels and said was all of a twitter to collaborate with them as well.

“I feel happy because I got to meet new people in music, what I learnt here is big.”

“These people make me think out of the box, their melody and how they pronounce it and how they put it in collaboration it’s so amazing.”

Lulu Mupfumbu, the director of Takoma academy was overwhelmed by the reception Diepsloot had given them and could not stop marvelling at the talent the community has.

“Oh! My goodness, Diepsloot is full of life, full of activities and we are so honoured to be here.”

“It just seems like the city of possibility and life and i love the talent that is here as well.”  She said.

“We want to leave an open road, a pathway like a bridge. We are going to plant some trees this afternoon and share our culture.”

“We want this relationship to continue, who knows? Maybe in future someone from Diepsloot might come to Maryland and we’ll welcome them as family.” Mupfumbu concluded.

Choirs later on planted some spekboom known as elephant tree for some hope and remembrance; the planting activity was spearheaded by Rita Groenewald, who said Diepsloot was in dire need of greenery.

“What you guys are leaving here in Diepsloot is something like hope, fresh air and greenery, as we all know that Diepsloot is in need of greenery at the moment.” Groenewald said.

The day ended with the heavens yielding drizzles of blessings to bid farewell to the Takomas and wishing them luck on their world choir games participation, that is happening in Pretoria this week.